1. Uplevel Your Life
At Safe Spaces For Men we utilize life and leadership coaching strategies and insights unique to survivors of sexual abuse to help men  begin to create, build, and lead productive and more fulfilled lives from where they are now.

The Paradigm Shift
In my eighteen years of coaching survivors and my own sexual abuse experience, a key factor in sustainable healing has been moving from isolation into healthy relationship and community.  It required more than just telling my story. It involved living and working through those stories in places where I was accepted, belonged, believed and challenged to grow. 
2. You Too Can Experience a Better Life
" My life was a mess 11 months ago! This Ultimate MPower Male Survivor coaching transformed my life when I started to work with Thomas.  My relationships, mental health, even my business has benefited.  The group calls, sessions  and working thru gremlins catabolic attitudes, limiting beliefs are great.  Been in therapy for 7 years, but so glad I found this coaching program. It is  so multi-faceted. The leadership development elevated my business and life. The customization hit all the vitals  parts I needed to accelerate. Totally worth the investment."  

             - Jim B.,  Dad and CEO -
"Thank you  for building this realistic down to earth online course.  I completed Phase 1. Then decided to do coaching with Thomas. The courses are phenomenal and the weekly coaching calls are like talking with a good friend who happens to be an expert and knowledgeable about working through issues. You were so supportive yet also held me accountable. I now have so much life to live at age 38."     

             - Devron - husband & son -
"All my life I tried to hide from my past. I really felt what happened was my fault.  Intellectually, I knew it wasn’t true but convincing my heart was another story. I felt alone.  I am so thankful that my therapist recommended this coaching program and attending the workshops with other men. That’s what great about your coaching we didn’t just address the sexual abuse, but also tackled life stuff so I could move and build while starting to heal. 

                    - Darryl M. exec and father -
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5. Meet Your Certified Sur-Thriver Coach
Thomas Edward is the founder of Safe Spaces For Men (aka MPOWER SURVIVOR).  It's a leadership development coaching program tasked to help educate, coach, and equip men dealing with the ACE (adverse childhood experiences) of sexual abuse and trauma.

A survivor himself, he creates safe haven weekend workshops, and online coaching programs where men can accelerate healing by resolving the old imprints of the sexual trauma and create new empowering ones to lead their lives. As a certified professional coach, he’s been working with male survivors since 2001.

He incorporates neuroscience and strategies during the workshops to help men accelerate their healing journey. Thomas also consults and trains for CPS in California.
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